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                                                                                                  laboratory Design


You create a new lab?

Your lab does not meet your expectations?

You want to equip its new laboratory techniques and equipment?

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The project is not just a laboratory of the drawings , the description of construction materials and equipment list , it is also an idea which allows for all entrusted to the laboratory tasks with maximum efficiency.

Facilities ( re ) laboratory in the following sequence :

1. According to carried out the tests chosen the right equipment.
2 . Next to compose the premises. We often write in a laboratory in a limited space is already finished building or in separate "boxes " of the new , with respect to construction, sanitary , fire and other regulations.
3 . Next is complete calculations of necessary materials and equipment.


Concept (Technology ) project.

This is the first step towards implementation of the new laboratory . Based on the concept of virtually any organization perform equipment (re- ) laboratory.


Technological project of the laboratory includes :

1. drawings:

  - The layout of premises and equipment;
  - The size of the premises;

  - The point of connection of communications;
  - Flows of personnel, materials , products, wastes;

  - Class clean room and pressure drops ( for Microbiology Laboratory ) .

2 . Explanatory Note:

  - A description of the organization of the tests , flow of materials , products and personnel;
  - The technology of the work ;
  - Offer the choice of test equipment and measuring instruments;
  - A preliminary calculation of the required energy capacity ;
  - The need for personnel ;
  - Measures for the safety , health and safety , fire prevention measures ;
  - Technological task of designing electric lighting ;
  - Technological task of designing power equipment ;
  - Technological task of designing the HVAC system ;
  - Technological specification for design of water supply and sanitation ;
  - The list of waste and methods of disposal.