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                                                                                        Equipment .


The draft will include modern equipment in accordance with the requirements and budget of the customer.


Analytical laboratory equipment


 Chromatographs , materials and equipment for TLC , spectrometers , spectrophotometers , infrared analyzers, component composition , instruments for the characterization of particulate materials, thermal analysis , thermal gravimetric analysis , water purification systems , equipment for sample preparation .


Laboratory equipment universal


Sample preparation system , thermostatic equipment , weight machines , electrochemical analyzers, spectrophotometric equipment , and other test equipment , without which it can not do any one laboratory .


Specialized laboratory equipment


 Equipment process control , environmental monitoring and protection of labor by industry , portable instruments for rapid control equipment for analysis of crude oil and petroleum products , equipment for non-destructive testing .


laboratory furniture


 We offer several series of laboratory furniture , allowing to choose the optimal set under the solution to almost any user tasks .




Dishes of heat and chemical resistant glass and quartz, corundum porcelain. GSO standard titles , filters, filter paper , indicators and laboratory instruments .




 Thermometers, hygrometers , digital thermometers , bimetal thermometers , thermometers Barometric , psychrometers , barometers .



 Imported and domestic chemicals . Culture media and kits for microbiology. GEO. Filters and filter materials .


The experience of our specialists , knowledge of regulatory documents and modern equipment , long-term relationships with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers allow us to offer our clients the best possible solutions for equipment and development laboratories.